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photoLab® Color PC software

With the new photoLab® Color PC software, common color measurements can be performed in a handy way. Color determination by photometric measurement has increased the accuracy tremendously, compared to subjective perception of visual color measurement.

Triggering the photometer via PC or laptop allows a clear data structure with a superb overview of all results directly on screen. This is beneficial especially for measurement series and repetitive measurements. All data can be output directly via PDF or printer, as well as saved and transferred to LIMS systems.

Color measurement is essential for many applications, from water analysis to food & beverage and quality control in production processes. Color values as a quality factor must fulfill usually values in a certain user-specific tolerance range. The measurement programs calculate the values standardized to standard methods with given cuvette sizes.

Color measurements like Yellowness Index, Gardner, Hazen etc. are supported.

Exhibitor: Xylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG

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